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[The wolf's lair was simple and ugly facility, befitting in form and personality the woman who called it home. Having been a warehouse sometime in the distant past, it has since become the nesting site of many a group of hoodlums, thieves, and other malcontents. Many a battle had been fought over the dilapidated structure, primarily for its proximity to a certain port and being in a part of town largely abandon by all, save for criminals and rats. Very little lighting dotted the ruinous building, making it an ideal hideout for those, like Gavril, whose habits and business sense both sat firmly on the chaotic end of the scale.

Rumors spoke of screams coming from the building late at night that could perice a person's very soul, and of unpleasant odors that most described as a fowl mixture of blood, metal, and other things that sent the average human mind reeling. Many a foolish soul had had trod upon the warehouses bloody-stained concrete grounds, but few had ever returned, and those who did were scared beyond recognition, returning to the waking world with scar-ridden faces, missing limbs, and other atrocities. Yet many still came, hoping to collect the ridicules bounty placed on Gavril's stitch-bound head. And, more then likely, she would return the favor in kind, inviting them to dinner in the most ghastly manner possible]
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It had been a very long and fruitful day. With her myrid minions already back at the abandon warehouse they called home, a sack filled with the valuables of some more jerk who had just so happened to rub the eldest Madaraki daughter the wrong way strung across across her back, and her stomach full of the remains of that same man, it had been a good day in the life of one of the world's most notorious criminal. But still something seemed  off about all of this. Making a quick scan of the area with her eyes and acute sense of smell, the whole of the world around her became as open as an unbound book. But none of it seemed unusual. Day in and day out people were trying to arrest and/or kill her, a few hunters was nothing special and would likely lead to another bloodbath. Gavril chuckled to herself at the thought of it as she resumed her walk home, if they wanted to try, well, that would mean a bit more fun for her this eveining, wouldn't it?
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<u>Player Information</u>
<b>Name:</b> Seraphita
<b>Personal Journal:</b> N/A
<b>Contact Info:</b> yukikamak1 aim
<b>Other Characters:</b> gavril, tsukasa, Rumia

<u>Character Information</u>
<b>Name:</b>  Taokaka
<b>Source Canon:</b> BlazBlue
<b>Age:</b> Is a teenager by Kaka tribe standards.
<b>Role In Canon:</b> Comic relief and protector of the Kaka tribe.
The Kaka tribe are a group of genetically engineered cat/human hybrids created from the genetic material of the legendary hero Jubei, one of the six great heroes who defeated the "Black Beast" nearly a hundred years ago. Originally meant to be bio-weapons during the Dark War, the Kaka tribe have since begun to live a peaceful existence in a small village nestled in the lowest levels of Kagatasuchi. However, due to their unique genetic background, the Kaka tribe's population never exceeds 100 people and due to their genetic backgrounds all being  similar it is entirely possible that a single disease could wipe out the entire species. Taokaka is an teenage Kaka who acts as her village's guardian.

During the events of Blazblue, Taokaka finds herself acting as a bounty hunter to make enough money to save her village. Find that Ragna the Bloodedge holds the highest bounty of all criminals she sets out to defeat him and claim the reward in the name of the Kaka tribe. Unfortunately, as Tao is often quite dense, her encounter with Ragna ends with lunch rather then pitched combat. With Tao never actually discovering the fact that the man who had bought her food was also the vicious criminal she had sought to bring to justice. Later, on the way back to her village, she encounters the monster known as Arukune, who had been attacking the Kaka village for some time, at soundly drive it from her beloved home. For all she does for her people, Tao is well liked and respected among the people of Kaka Village.
Excitable, goofy, and a bit dense. Taokaka is among the more cheerful members of the Blazblue cast. Always energetic, Taokaka approaches everything she does with as cheerful zeal and a smile on her face. The problem with this is the fact that Taokaka is easily distracted and tends to forget what her purpose was when something more interesting comes to her attention. This is most evident in her story mode in which she is tasked by the Kaka elder to go out on a mission, only to immediately ignore her instruction and run off in a random direction because it seemed like a fun thing to do. This lack of an attention span also effect's Tao's ability to pay attention for long periods of time, as seen in the "Ask Dr. Litichi" segments of the game in which Taokaka often ignores the various lessons others try to teach her and even, on occasion, falls asleep in the middle of a lesson. When Tao is capable of focusing, she is quite adept in completing a given task due to her great strength and love for her fellow Kaka and other friends.  We see this in her victory over Arukune, a monster who had been attacking the Kaka tribe for sometime.

Mentally, Taokaka is quite simple and often exhibits a child-like attitude towards the world around her. This is most evident in the fact that she had trouble remembering what she has been taught and has trouble pronouncing large words. Taokaka also has an odd habit of refusing, or being incapable, of remembering other people's names and instead will assign people a nickname based on their physical appearence or personality traits. This simplicity often causes Taokaka to come across as straight forward to the point of being a bit insulting, often speaking aloud rude or insulting things without a second thought. However, her childlike nature has also afforded Taokaka a naive and trusting opinion of others that often allows her to make friends easily. We see this in a scene in which Taokaka runs into Ragna, a wanted criminal she had been chasing to cash in on the massive bounty on his head, and, not knowing his true identity, instead asks him to buy her lunch, which he does. Endearing him to the young cat girl. This also shows another odd facet of Tao's personality, she is perpetually hungry and considers anyone who gives her food to be a good person unless further action proves otherwise. Indeed, Tao will not brand anyone as bad or evil unless they have done something to deserve such a label, even going as far to challenge her friend when she is told that Ragna was a bad person.

Taokaka's biggest joy in life, aside from food and sleeping, comes from being able to protect her friends and family from harm. This seen in the great length she goes to protect the Kaka clan and make sure that they have the money to keep going and fix up their decrepit homes. For this she is seen as something of a hero to the Kaka people and is often swarmed by Kaka kittens who look up to her as a model of a good person and someone to be emulated. Her friends also tend to see Taokaka as a sweet child who just need a bit of direction to focus the ridiculous energy contained in her small body. We see this most clearly in her relationship with Dr. Litchi Lei Fang, a woman who runs a small clinic in Oriental Town, whom Taokaka often visits for lessons on various aspects of life in Kagatatsuchi and the world around her.

On a sillier note, Tao has a rather strange obsession with women's breasts and will often comment on the relative size of the chests of various girls around her and even gropes them, with Litchi, whom she nicknamed "Boobie Lady" being her primary target, saying she likes the feeling of soft things. However, given her personality and actions under other circumstance,It is likely that Tao has little idea how rude and inappropriate her actions are. Tao also has something of a verbal tic which leads her to meow when ending a sentence and replace certain words with similar phrases, such as substituting "nyo" for the word "now".

Tao is quite fast and strong despite her small stature, but is other wise a fairly normal human-like being. While a good deal of her offensive force comes from large, claw-like blades she hides within the oversized arms of her coat.

Tao's face is also something of a mystery, with no canon evidence towards an explanation for her lack of facial features. The most common fandom explanations are that she either wears as mask or that her face is simply shrouded by the shadow of the hood of her jacket. If it comes up in game I'd likely go with the latter explanation.

First person.

[In the midday sun Taokaka finds herself laying about lazily on the branch of a rather sturdy tree.  In her sleepy state she begins musing of the world around  in a way unique to the chaotic mind of the Kaka tribe's spaciest member.]

Taokaka has been thinking. The Lady in Charge has been really nice to give us all this food for free. That means shes a good person, She also kidnapped  everyone and brought us to this really strange place, which would make her a bad person. But, She can't be both!  Some one please explain this to me, because this kind of stuff hurts my head...


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Sunlight filtered through the dusty glass window above, signaling the start of a new day in the port city of ~ . Though most men and women rose from their beds to meet greet the beckoning day with enthusiasm and zeal, this was not such a day for a girl named Emma who still lingered in bed. Her eyes heavy with the weight of a long night out. "Good morning..." She said tracing the empty space beside her with her lithe finger. She had expected a reaction in kind. A greeting, missive, or groan. Something to prove that the events of the prior night had not been in vain! But no response came from beside the young woman, save for the birds singing outside her bed room window. Emma sighed, morning had always ended like this. No one had ever stayed the morning after, no matter how much they had flattered her the night prior with sly words praising her beauty or intellect the result was always the same. An empty bed, broken heart, and a long day off spent eating sweets and commiserating with friends over a bowl of pudding.

There was never a note or message from her would-be lovers the morning after, but she could imagine why easily. A girl like her, dowdy, plain and bespectacled, was far from the  tavern bait that was so beloved of adventurers and drunken locals alike. Those who did bite were the lowest of the low, those attracted to a single feature or facet of a woman's personality or body to the point of excluding all others. Most ignored such lecherous fiends, but those not used to the lime light, such as Emma herself, any attention, whether positive or negative, was an irresistible lure towards an evening fraught with a mixture of adulation and eventual ruin. For some it was her intellect that offered such attraction putting forth the theory that while she was not physically attractive her knowledge of the world more then made up for it, while others praised her plainness as a truer form of beauty compared to the heavily painted women that were so common place in the city. But such praise was more often then not a lie, their true target being a particular part of her body. It was a reality that lay heavily on Emma's mind as she rose from her wooden-framed bed with a heavy sigh. Her main "attraction", if one could call it such a thing, lay in the lower portion of her body.

Long, scaled, and making up nearly 2/3 of her small body, Emma's lower form was that of an immense serpent that only happened to terminate in the torso of a human girl. Staring deeply into the fractured mirror of her small dwelling's bath room, Emma couldn't help but curse her own inhuman lineage.  Lamia, Naga, Snake-folk. No matter what you called her people, the romantic problems of her race remained the same. Getting a date was a bitch when half your body was a scaly tail. With males of her species few and far between, especially in cities such as ~, where trade and commerce have bred communities dominated entirely by human beings, Emma and others with whom she shared a racial heritage were consigned to the bottom of the romantic ladder and forced to feast upon the scraps passed over by those not burdened with tail, fang, and scale. Emma sighed once more before cleaning herself for the day ahead. "I'm done!" She screamed, her finger pointed firmly at the heavens via a nearby window. "No more jerks! No more tailchasers! No more empty beds! I will find someone even if it kills me!" Emma shouted with a resolve stronger then the scales of her long tail. "But first, pudding!" One could not avenge the injustice of the dating pool on an empty stomach, after all.
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Every morning, at 6 A.M sharp Arturia rose from the futon she shared with her beloved and made her way to the wooden floors and traditional trappings of the manor's dojo, taking care not awaken her the rest of her make-shift family. Then, taking  a shinai in hand, she went about her daily training. A method of honing her body, soul, and mind through the repetition of a rite of sword strokes and slashes. Such a ritual was necessary to keep her skills in swordplay free of rust even in these days of peace and tranquility. Though those she once called foe were likely no longer of this world, there was no telling when a the day may come once more when she would have to take up her sword in the name of hearth and home.

But, as it often did, her training could only last for so long before those she those she called "family" roused from a sweet slumber and went about their own morning rituals. Wiping the sweat from her brow and taking a moment to catch her breath, Arturia ended her training for the day with a confident smile upon her face. The sword meant much to her and, someday, she hoped to pass her own passion for the blade and all it represented onto her young son, Instilling timeless lessons of confidence and honor in to his young mind in the process. But those were thoughts for another day, as the present was a work in process where all involved tried their best to fit into the oddly shaped puzzle that was the Einzbern household. By nine the rest of the family had joined the Arturia in the mornings activities, lending a familial warmth to a house that had felt so much more empty when it's residents were but master and servant.

Breakfast was the beginning of all things in the Emiya Manor, there day could simply not begin without a hearty dose of food and drink A battle cannot be won on an empty stomach, was a mantra often put forth by the King of Knights and followed by the house hold at large as words to live by.  Though neither Irisviel nor her beloved knight were especially adept cooks, the Einzbern homunculus was trying her best to learn. Though her early attempts ended in a spectacular array of fires, explosions, burnt food, and unknown substances, Irisviel had slowly, over many weeks, mastered the basics of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Bringing her one step closer to being the ideal mother she had always hoped to be. Shirou, his childish love of learning ever burning in his chest, had become memorized by his mother's slow journey to culinary excellence, standing by her side every step of the way and offering encouragement in moments of both triumph and failure. It was these small moments, bonding as a family around the trivial details of everyday life, that had made all of the toil and heartache of the last month worth all the wile to all involved.

With breakfast prepared and spread across the creaking table of the manor's dining room, the actual meal rarely lasted half an hour. Arturia was a voracious consumer, taking in at least three bowls of rice and several side dishes in a single sitting and her young son was similarly gifted, though scaled to fit his small frame. While Irisviel could never hope to keep up with those around her in sheer volume of food consumed, it warmed her heart to see them eat as much as they did. After food came TV and discussion of anything and everything. Having only lived together a family for a matter of weeks there was still much to learn about one another. Arturia would often spin tails of battle and the ancient past, disguising them as mere myth and legend for the time being, While Irisviel often recalled the happier moment of her life with the man who had so heroically sacrificed himself so that she and Arturia may live. Though there was much his mothers were more then happy to share, there was just as much Arturia and Irisviel kept secret from their adopted son. Arturia's status as a heroic soul and the former king of England, Irisviel's origin as a homunculus and magus of the Einzbern family, and the unfortunate war that had brought them all together. Someday, when Shirou was older and mature enough to handle the truth of his parents' checkered past, they would tell him everything. But, till then, it was enough to sit and enjoy the simplicity of living as a happy family and free of the chains of the past.

The afternoon was a time for errands. Grocery shopping was often the order of the day, with the food consumed by Arturia alone warranting  such action as least twice a week. Such trips into the older shopping district were a family affair, with all involved being dragged two and fro for hours on end as Irisviel shopped at what could be best described as a frantic pace. As was the case with many domestic matters, in her previous life Irisviel had the luck of having a small array of maids to carry out such tasks for her. As the head of a household, she now had to do all of this for herself. Shopping, cleaning, and cooking all feel squarely onto her pale shoulders. Though her attempts at mastery of the domestics arts were often clumsy and haphazard, Irisviel's intentions were sincere and, in the end, that was all her family could ask.

By nightfall, the hurried pace of life in the Emiya manor grew to a quiet crawl as the everyone living within it's interior prepared for dinner and  an eventual night of restful slumber. Dinner went very much the same manner as breakfast, with food and bonding passing through the the dining room at an equal rate. Someday soon, Shirou would begin school and family moments like this would give way to helping a child with his home work, parent-teacher conferences and other school activities. But, till then, it was nice to spend each and every day as a family. It called to Irisviel's mind the halcyon days living in far-off Einzbern castle with her small daughter and stoic husband. Sometimes in the midst of dinner or while watching television, such thoughts seized control of her mind, sending forth a nearly endless supply of tears forth from her eyes that stained her face and clothes. But such attacks never lasted long, as the sight of her son quickly asking if she was ok and her lover holding her close to her quickly beating heart cured any nostalgic feelings lingering in her mind.

And finally came the star-filled Fuyuki nights. Long ago Arturia and Irisviel had closed the distance between their respective futons and began sleeping beside one in another in a show of their mutual affections one another. And the recent past had brought Shirou into the arrangement as well, placing the small child firmly between his mothers in an extended line of futons and pillows. An ideal picture of family harmony when asleep, getting to that point was an exercise in futility. Though well mannered in most respects, Shirou was still a seven year old boy and prone to the chaotic energy that went along with such a title. The duty of calming the child often fell upon the shoulders of Arturia, who often resorted to calling upon her days marshaling troops in ancient England to solve the problem at hand, using a stoic face and flash of swordplay to quiet any resistance boiling in the Shirou's small body. When all was said and done, a family laid hand in hand drifted slowly in night's warm embrace, another day lived to it's fullest nestled in the quiet corners of their minds where sweet memories lived on forever and ever...

Two: Utopia

Three: Magus.

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Part 1: Homecoming

After weeks of waiting, the fateful day had finally arrived. The child known as Shirou would soon be joining the make-shift family consisting of a former heroic spirit and a homunculus born to be the vessel of the wish-granting Holy Grail. Irisviel could barely contain her excitement at the prospect of bringing home the child she had personally rescued from an untimely death. Having rose from her shared sleeping quarters at an ungodly hour and dressing herself in an old t-shirt, cleaning apron, and tying her snow-white hair into a long pony-tail, the former vessel of the Holy Grail paced the entirety of her Japanese-style home several times over as she sought to make perfect every aspect of manor in preparation for the homecoming she had played out in her head so many times over in the recent past. Dusting every surface, washing every window, and making every bed with the building, Irisviel would leave no stone unturned in her quest to make a good first impression on her new son. Though she had been treated as a princess when she had lived in the expansive Einzbern palace in Germany, in the present Irisviel only wished to afford Shirou a normal life far from the chaos and darkness that had was omnipresent in her former life. Her intense energy and excitement allowed Irisviel to continue her rampage for nearly three hours before finally succumbing to exhaustion. Though she may have been motivated by love to clean as she did, even magi have their limits. A fact that hit Irisviel like a ton of bricks as she slumped over in the manor's kitchen, her clothing covered in dust and wet with the lingering remnants of the gallon bucket of soapy water that had accompanied her on her quest for cleanliness. With a heavy sigh, she lamented the difficulties of the domestic lifestyle. "So this is how the maids felt every day." She said wiping a heavy sweat from her bare brow. "But this is all for my family, so I'll just do the best I can!" Irisviel smiled. 

As Irisviel's heavy breathing reached the superior ears of her former servant and current lover, Arturia sprang from her futon and dashed toward her beloved position. Heavy breathing was often a sign of struggle, and the King of Knights would have no trouble come to the woman who had done so much for her since she was summoned all those months ago. "IRISVIEL!" Arturia shouted as Irisviel's body came into full view. "Are you all right?" She said, gently propping her lover up in her thin arms.

"I am, Arturia." Irisviel said following with a slightly strained fit of laughter. "I just think I overdid it a bit with all the cleaning I did this morning." Though their relationship had changed much as of late, with the bond between them was one of romantic love rather then servitude. Somethings between the two would never change, such as the blond knight's compulsion to leaping into action whenever it seemed any form of harm would befall her snowy-haired partner. Irisviel couldn't help herself but smile at the pure concern her beloved showered upon her. "I want everything to be perfect when Shirou finally comes home."

"Of course, my lady. I've been waiting for this day with baited breath just as you have."  Arturia smiled in turn, an physical show of the feelings dwelling in her heart. "But please, do not over work yourself. You worry me far more then you know." Irisviel nodded in agreement. Her and Arturia's relationship was one of mutual partnership. A partnership sealed with the sacred agreement between master and servant and tempered with the mutual trust that held like an unbreakable chain between two lovers.

"But I want to rest awhile before we go pick up Shirou, could please you take me back to the bedroom for now?" 

"Of course. You've worked hard to make this home a comfortable place for your new child, you deserve your rest." As Arturia knelt upon one knee and took Irisviel in her arms, her former master offered a sly retort in kind.

"Our new child." She carefully corrected Arturia with a kind word. "You said that I may call you anything I wish when it came to your relation with Shirou. So, I'd like it if you would be his mother as well." Irisviel's word left no confusion in Arturia's mind. She had been expecting such a statement ever since the day she and Irisviel, embraced in each others arms, declared deep feelings for one another. Such a sentiment needed no words, and thus the King of Knights offered a simple nod of her head in the positive. She would do anything for Irisviel and the same now applied to child that would soon reside in the shared Einzbern-Pendragon household. All things settled, Arturia gently carried Irisviel back to their bedroom and tucked the homunculus back into her futon.

"I will see you in a few hours. Sleep well for now." Arturia said before leaving the room to work on her swordplay for a short while. It was her way of working off the stress of day to day life. And, as she imagined, becoming a mother for the first time would be just as stressful as anything she had done as a king and knight.

Several hours passed as Irisviel napped and her blond-counterpart swung the her sword over and over again the home the manor's ajoined dojo. Both of their minds readied for the grand event standing before them, the lovers met at the manor's front door. Ready to finally end the long wait that lay between them and reunion with their adopted child, master and servant nodded in unison. "May we take the car?" Irisviel spoke with her chin in hand. "I'm a bit sick of dealing with the driving of the Taxi cabs around here."

"Of course, my lady. Though I must I must insist that I drive, as it would be quite unfortunate for Shirou to come down with a case of car sickness on his first day in his new home." Such a statement was Arturia's attempt at a joke. Though it was a more then a bit forced, Irisviel still laughed at her beloved's attempt at humor. She had changed so much in the time since they had first met, it was amazing that the woman standing before her was the same stern warrior her husband had summoned to bring glory to the Einzbern family. Soon Irisviel found herself dragging Arturia to the garage where the sleek sports car they had used as transportation during the War was stored. Sitting in the elegant machine, Irisviel intertwined her fingers with Arturia's free hand, a show of solace in hope that their would be no complications in bringing their child home safe and sound.  No further words were exchanged on route to the orphanage for those lucky, if one could even call orphans such a thing, to survive the Shinto Blaze. Here they waited for some kind soul to bring them home so that they may reclaim a small bit of the life they had lived before such tragedy had befallen their families. Shirou was among the luckiest of all, having found such a kind person in Irisviel just hours after being rescued.

Entering the facility, Arturia and Irisviel found Shirou silently standing beside the program's admin, a middle-age woman in a rather plain, white, business suit. The older woman prodded at Shirou as she saw his prospective parent's enter the building, hoping he would connect with them of his own free will. Irisviel, however, would not wait for Shirou to make a move and soon found herself holding her new child close to her rather ample chest, nearly suffocating the poor child in the process. The admin had seen many an enthusiastic parent in her time running the program, but Irisviel had exceeded anything she had seen in the past. However, weather this was a good thing, she really couldn't say. "Now, Miss Einzbern, there is a one last bit of paperwork I would like you to fill out before you take little Shirou home. If you would come with me..." The middle-aged motioned for her to Irisviel to follow her into her office. Irisviel in turn left the red-haired child to Arturia for the moment, hoping the two could connect one-on-one for once.

"It is nice to meet you, Shirou, I am Arturia Pendragon. I will be helping your mother around the house for the time being." Arturia's explanation was pragmatic as ever and lacked several key pieces of information concerning the nature of her relationship with Irisviel that would eventually need to be answered, but for all it's flaws, the speech held a profound layer of kindness just below its rather plain exterior.

"Pendr...Dra..." Shirou tripped over his own words. Unable to pronounce properly the foreign character of Arturia's rather regal name, Shirou began cry out of frustration with himself. Arturia in turn wiped the tears from the child's face and ruffled his red hair for a second. Offering a friendly smile, she did her best to endear herself to the young child.

"If you are having trouble with my name, you may simply call me Saber." Arturia was a bit unhappy to have to invoke the name she had worn as a servant, but, in the name of making her child was happy, it was a small sacrifice.  "You seem like a kind child, I will be looking forward to spending time with you from now on" Shirou smiled back at the blond haired girl and wrapped his small arms around her waist in kind. Meanwhile, Irisviel emerged from the admin's office just in time to see Arturia's display of familial affection play out in front of her very eyes. Seeing her beloved and her adopted son getting along so well brought a smile to her crimson-colored eyes.

"Well aren't you two adorable?" Irisviel teased, causing Arturia to cover her blushing face. "But's time to go you two! All the paper work is in order so we can finally go home!." Thanking the woman in charge for all she had done in the name of uniting her and Shirou as mother and son, Irisviel took both her lover and her child's hands and began the short walk towards the car waiting for them in the parking lot. However, as she began walking hand in hand like this for the first time since she and husband had left to fight the Grail war, Irisviel was overwhelmed by an intense wave of nostalgia. Though her new family may have looked a bit strange on the outside- and lacked a certain small girl- being together like this gave her the sense that her future was a bright one. As his new mother cried profusely, Shirou couldn't help but tug on his her sleeve and voice his concern.

"Are you ok, Miss Iri?" Shirou asked in a small voice. Though he had only known Irisviel and the blond haired girl he now knew as Saber for a short while, he knew in his heart that he loved them very much. He literally owed them his life for dragging him from near certain death in terrible circumstances that were far beyond his control. Being together like this, as a family, instilled in his heart a wonderful feeling that his young mind could simply not put in words. 

"I'm all right. It's just been a long time since I've felt like this." Irisviel said, finally finding the strength to enter the waiting car. It was a feeling she shared with Shirou, who had also lost his family to the horrors of war. Being brought together with those who needed each other so and as a family like this, was a miracle as far as she was concerned. Such emotions soon overwhelmed Irisviel's rational thought, causing her to hug Shirou the entire way home.
Upon being released into the expanses of the Emiya Manor Shirou couldn't help himself from dashing about and exploring every room, nook, and cranny of the building with the unquencable zeal that could only be found in the very young. Though she did her best to keep up with him, such was Shirou's energy that it took Irisviel nearly half an hour to finally capture her overly energetic son. "Now that I have your attention." Irisviel said with a sly smile. "I'd like to put out a few rules for living here: first: clean up your own messes, second: be kind to others, third: respect and listen to your mother and other adults, we usually know what is best for you." Though Irisviel's list was quite bare-bones, she imagined it would be enough to keep the peace in the Emiya Manor for the time being.

"All right..." Shirou said in a dejected manner, to tired from the day's events to fight his mother's command.

"Good, you can go watch TV with Miss Arturia until dinner is ready and..." Irisviel said in a loving manner as she  embraced her beloved child and gently kissed him on the cheek. "Welcome home, Shirou."

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<u>Player Information</u>
<b>Name:</b> Seraphita
<b>Personal Journal:</b> n/a
<b>Contact Info:</b> yukikamaki1@aim
<b>Other Characters:</b> gavril, tsukasa, rumia

<u>Character Information</u>
<b>Name:</b> Saya
<b>Source Canon:</b> Song of Saya
<b>Age:</b> Unknown looks to be about 10
<b>Role In Canon:</b> Heroine/love interest/eldritch abomination
Saya is being taken from just before what is listed as the third ending on the wiki page.

Despite being an inhuman creature form another dimension, with her true form being described as looking akin to the Shoggoth of Lovecraftian lore, she is very human and is capable of showing legitimate human emotion as well. This was because upon first being summoned into our dimension her "father", the scientist with whom she lived and who cared for her, taught her about human kind and provided Saya with materials about the outside world. Being very adept at adopting and processing new information, a talent meant to help her kind to assimilate the culture of the race in which they hope to one day overtake, Saya devoured every book and document her father gave to her. Even going as far as to solve complex mathematical problems that could normally only be computed with the aid of a computer. This education in humanity eventually drew Saya to the human complex of "love" which confused her, being her species exists only to reproduce, which makes romance a rather pointless endeavor for them. Interested in the topic, Saya read as much as she could on the topic and eventually adopted into her world view as a necessary part of her reproductive cycle, in other words if she was ever to breed she would need to be in love with whomever she was to do such with. Her father lamented this fact, saying he was at fault for corrupting such a wondrous creature as Saya. Due to all of this, Saya is something of a romantic and becomes very attached to those who treat her nicely and can see beyond her frightening exterior.

After her father's death, Saya left their shared home and made her way to a local hospital where she lived the shadows and scared the patients at night. However, she was quite lonely there as those who saw her saw only a horrible monster. Unable to connect with another living creature, Saya began to take some joy in scaring people in place of actually interacting with them. This lasted for a long period of time until she met Fuminori Sakisaka, a medical student who, due to an accident, had brain damage that caused him to see the world around him as a bloody mess of flesh and other people as terrible monsters.Due to his skewed world view, Fuminori saw Saya as a beautiful young girl rather then a terrible monster. Due to his treating her like an actual person, Saya began to visit Fuminori every night and eventually moved in with him after he was finally discharged from the hospital. Living with Fuminori, Saya acted as something of a live-in girlfriend, cooking food for him and helping around the house. Eventually Saya comes to fall in love with Fuminori, an act that eventually causes many problems for them both. Saya's love for Fuminori is rather obsessive and causes her to eliminate anyone who gets in the way of their relationship. Over the course of the story she murders several people who seek to cause harm to her and her relationship with Fumimori. This is partly due to the fact that while Says understands human culture and emotion, she has little idea of the concept of morality. Due to this, she has no qualm hurting others freely and openly admits that she does not understand Fumimori when he states that he could never harm anyone he saw as being human. Saya's darker side is somewhat practical as raw meat is the only food she can actually consume.

In circumstances in which her life in unimpeded by others, Saya is a loving person who treats those she cares about with the utmost kindness. We can see this int the fact that she gave Fumimori the choice of her fixing the illness that twisted his view of the world, but at the same time allowed her to see her as a human, and also that she went out of her way to conducts test to see if such an act was possible in the first place. Saya is also slightly child-like in nature, a trait that can be seen in her rampant curiosity, as recalled in the massive amount of reading and study she did while still living with her father, and naivety, such as trusting a man whose mind she changed to let him see her in the same way as Fumimori, though he is far from kind and ends up hurting Saya soon after meeting her. Saya also has a tendency to become lonely if left by herself for long periods of time, as seen after her father's death and on occasion when Fumimori left her at home for extended periods of time. On occasion, Saya has also been shown to become rather jealous when Fumimori ignored her in favor of other girls.

Saya has also mentioned that her fondest wish was to be able to walk in public with Fumimori with people finding her strange or frightening. Before dying in the game's true ending, Saya states that she would make her dream come true by carrying out her race's mission to take over humankind's position as the dominant species on Earth.

Saya's race is immensely intelligent and capable of learning and processing new things at a rate many times greater then a human. They also possess the rather odd ability to analyze the genome of any living creature and, in turn, take any species whose genome they have access to and freely manipulate the shape of their body. Normally used to transform humans into one of her kind, Saya has also shown the capability to use her powers to change the structure of a person's brain to cause or cure mental problems.   

In the Garden I would like for Saya to be in her human form most of the time, only revealing her true self on rare occasions, mostly because there is very little CR to be had with a amorphous blob monster.

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Minutes passed as Irisviel and her servant sat nervously on either end of the hospital sterile waiting room. Just a half-hour before, the pair had shared an unexpected kiss that left all involved grasping at straws at any reason such a thing could happen. Irisviel had claimed that it was simply an expression of the tension of the moment, though, she knew in her heart, that simply was not true.There was far more behind that passion rife kiss then she would ever care to admit to anyone, even herself. And thus, unable to express the meaning behind the oral embrace, Irisivel sat in silence, a perpetual haze of crimson dotting her pale skin. Saber, meanwhile, lingered more in confusion then embarrassment. The relationship she shared with the elder Einzbern was that of master and servant or knight and lady, relationships that harbored very little in the way of physical affections, and even when they did such acts were confined to a kiss on the hand or other such courtly rites A kiss, especially one placed every so carefully on the lips as Irisviel had done, were reserved for lovers and were completely inappropriate for those in any other kind of relationship, the knight thought over and over silently in her head. If Irisviel desired such a relationship... Saber quickly shook her head of such thoughts as her face began to flow the same color as her master's. Such lines of thought could only lead to ruin, Saber rationalized, as she locked such ideas in the deepest depths of her mind.

The silence, heavy as the fog of a spring morning, was only broken when one of the nurses who had been previously been looking over the small child Irisviel had rescued from the burning hell that had once been the Shinto district entered the sterile room, clutching a clipboard closely to her chest. "You two are the ones who brought in the young boy, correct?" The nurse spoke while flipping through the endless pile of documents laying within her hands.

"You've got it!" Irisviel nearly shouted in a vaguely awkward manner. "We were trying to escape the fire ourselves, but I couldn't live with myself if I didn't do something to help him." Irisiviel did her best to smile through the mixture of loss, confusion, and embarrassment presently stalking her waking mind. "Is he doing all right?" She questioned as if trying to pass the focus of the conversation away from herself.

"Little Shirou is doing quite fine. Though, frankly, the doctors thought he wasn't going to make it for a small while there." The nurse said with a genuine smile. "He is a very lucky child to emerge from such a tragedy in as good of condition as he did." While the medical professionals of Fuyuki General Hospital had attributed Shirou's survival to the fact that Irisviel had found him so soon after the fire's out break, they could not possibly know  that the true source of his near miraculous recovery was the scabbard of the King of Knights. "It's likely his parents die in that terrible blaze, I imagine he will be placed with the other orphans when all is said and done." The nurse then turned to leave, offering a final thanks to Irisviel and Saber as she walked from the room. Irisviel, however, was not done and spoke a last missive in a voice of the utmost seriousness.

"If you don't mind, I would like to begin the process of adopting Shirou. If that is possible, of course." Though the idea had came to Irisviel on the spur of the moment and formed of a combination of an intense desire to rebuild  her shattered family and give a better life to the poor child she had personally rescued from the grail-fueled conflagration. Saber, who had been standing at Irisviel's side the entire time, was more then a bit shocked at her master's request, but not by her resolve. Much like that of her husband, Irisviel's will was nearly unbreakable and if she put her mind to something she would do anything it took to make her goal a reality.

"Of course, I will forward the necessary paper work as soon as possible. For now would you like to see the child? I imagine he would like to meet the women who saved his life." The nurse finally left the waiting room, motioning for master and servant to follow as well. After walking through the florescent-lit halls of the hospital for a moment, Irisviel and Saber found the child in question laying in a typical hospital bed with green sheet. His cuts had been cleaned and bandaged and his torn clothes replaced with a simple hospital gown. In all, he looked quite a bit better then he had mere hours before, a fact owed all most completely to the mystical artifact residing in his small body. The sight of Shirou alive and well filled Irisviel's heart with a mixture of hope and joy, a feeling very much like what she had felt the during the winter days she spent with her precious daughter Illya.

"Hello, Shirou." Irisviel spoke in a melodic tone. "My name is Irisviel, but you can just call me Iiri if you can't pronounce it." The Homunculus giggled for the first time since the chaos of the previous night. "I know this is sudden, and you don't have to answer me now, but I would like to be your mother if you would have me." Shirou, the small, red-haired, child who had been clinging to death not so long ago, simply nodded, knowing all to well what had happened to his parents. Irisviel couldn't help herself but cry at Shirou's admission, if anything good could come of this terrible incident, she thought, her husband's sacrifice would not have been in vein. "May I talk to Shirou for awhile longer?" Irisviel spoke while doing little hold back the happy tears flowing forth from her eyes. The attending nurse nodded in response, leaving the room to give a child and his prospective mother a few moments alone.

"Shirou...I'll tell you now that I'm not a normal girl. My family has been magic-users as long as anyone can remember." Irisviel said recounting the checkered history of the Einzbern clan in her mind." I guess you could say we're like the wizards you see in movies and books... But, If you can accept that, I would love to be your mother." Irisviel said while running her hand through the child's hair. Shirou, in turn, offered no complaint. He could tell from Irisviel's words and actions that she meant every word that she said. If anyone were to be his new mother, he would be more then happy to be with the slightly strange, snowy-haired, woman sitting beside him. "All right then!" Irisviel spoke while placing her hands together in a joyful pose. "It will be a bit before I can sort out all the paperwork, but we'll be together soon, all right? Stay strong till then, little Shirou!" The energetic happiness that usually formed the basis of Irisviel's personality had finally returned, unleashed from the shackles of grief by her hope for a better future for herself and the small child she hoped to soon call her own. Hugging Shirou for good measure, Irisviel and her dutiful Saber made there way to the hospital entrance,bidding the attending staff goodbye along the way. Outside, Saber, having stood silent as Irisviel spoke heartfelt words to Shirou, finally voiced her opinion on the subject at hand.

"How do you intend to care for that child, my lady?" Saber spoke in serious tone. "We don't even know where we will be living at the moment, I don't think you should be thinking of such matters until more matters of shelter are set in stone." Saber was held no malice against her master, but rather this was a matter of pragmatism. If her master could not provide for herself, how could she do the same for a young child.

"Don't worry, Saber~" Irisviel said while taking a pose that one would imagine should be accompanied with a magical sparkle. "That manor in the old part of town is ours to do with as we wish, we'll just live there for the time being! Its big and roomy, perfect for raising a young boy. And money shouldn't be an issue either, a family as old as mine doesn't get where it is today without making it's fair share of money." Irisviel was supremely confident that everything would work out for the best and her smile spoke volumes on the subject that would take hours for her lips to communicate.

"All right, but how do I fit into all of this?" Saber questioned, her arms firmly crossed upon her chest. 

"Simple, your going to help me raise him! You were a king, right? If you were used to dealing with a whole nation I think a small boy should be no problem." Irisviel spoke in a confident manner. "Besides, I don't think it would hurt a child to have two mothers..." After a moment, Irisviel's joyous enthusiasm was soon stained with several shades of red as she suddenly realized the implications of her words.

"As you wish, my lady." Saber was not going to argue with her master, she lived for her word and command. Even if it meant raising a child, she would not stray from Irisviel's side. That she accepted, was simply how things would be from now on. "It seems the matter is settled, shall we take a cab home?" Saber said while offering a gloved hand to her master.

"Lets." Irisviel said simply as she gently took her servant's hand.
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Part 1: A happy moment or two

Though their shared title had changed from "siblings" to "couple", little changed in the relationship between the magus of swords and the white-haired homunculus. Every morning Taiga still brought  Illya to the Emiya manor for their morning meal and every weekend the pair would go out and do things together, much as they had done that fateful weekend so long ago. All of this was Illya's conception of what it meant to be in a relationship with someone. In this ideal derived from her what few memories she held of her mother and father interacting and tempered by the deep feelings for Shirou, Illya had finally found the happiness and companionship she had longed for all those long, cold, nights locked in her family's snow-bound castle. However,  In her new-found happiness, Illya ignored another factor that would soon come to decide her fate. Even in these brighter days, her artificial life ticked ever closer to it's end as her body finally consumed what little mana she had leftover from the endless well that was the True Grail. Now, with little power left to fuel her existence, illya stood unknowingly at death's door, with only a slight sluggishness of her mind and body to remind her of what terrifying fate awaited her in the near future.

And so Shirou, the source of Illya's happiness and the one who she now referred to as her "boyfriend", much to Sakura and Rin's annoyance, continued to wait in silence for Rin to eventually bring him the news he had waited so long to hear. However, as the days and weeks past, no good news passed from the lips of Rin to Shirou's ears. The myarid of magical texts stored in the Einzbern Castle vault provided little solace save for what they had already known, homunculus such as Illya were fated to die young. It was simply a facet of there existence as artificial humans. In creating a being that more a container for the Grail then a person,  homunculus were never meant to live as humans did. Those who did gain such emotions, such as Illya and her mother, were aberrations whose existence were made ever more painful in that they would be snuffed out so soon.  All of this, while not new knowledge to Shirou, lay on his mind even in those happy days he spent with Illya and his other friends. It was all happening again, he imagined in anguish. Just as Saber had left him following the Grail War, Illya to would soon be spirited away from him and there was not a single thing he could do about it. Though, like his small partner,  everyday for Shirou since their shared confession had been happy and full of hope, the fact that he could not save Illya not matter what he did was always at the back of Shirou's mind. And so, he placed what little faith he had left in Rin and hoped for the best.
Part 2: A hero's resolve

One day, in that strange time between the end of the school day and the time when one finally arrived home, Rin confronted Shirou at the their high school's gate. She wore a grim look upon her face, a visage that spoke volumes of the ill nature of the news she had to deliver upon the red-haired magus. Placing her right hand upon Shirou's shoulder, as if bracing him for something, Rin did her best to speak without upsetting her friend.

"Emiya-kun..." She spoke turning her head to the side as if trying to avoid showing the anguish hiding behind her eyes.

"What is it Rin? Did you find anything that cold help Illya?" Shirou replied in a manner meant to hide his fears of the worst possible news.

"I did and I didn't." She said with a sigh. "Do you want the good news or bad news first?" 

"The good..."  Shirou trailed off, hoping something, anything, of use could be gleaned from the endless stacks of books in Illya's ancestral home.

"I've found something we can do to fix the problem of Illya's dwindling mana supply." Rin spoke in a matter-of-fact manner.

"Then what's the bad news?! This is great!" Shirou's desire to hear any good news quickly overrode his commonsense.

"We can only do this if we allow Illya's current body to perish and then transfer her spirit to an artificial body. I know a magus in England who creates such things, though she charges quite the steep few for her service, and. I imagine that I can procure the funds for the ritual by selling all of the tomes I've rescued recently" Shirou's will nearly broke in two upon hearing Rin's words. Even if it meant saving Illya's life, seeing her, a girl he called both his sister and partner over the course of the last year, die before his very eyes was an event so painful he couldn't even imagine it properly. "If you can accept the fact that you'll have to watch Illya die in order to save her life, then yes, we can save her." Archer had once said that being a hero meant saving yourself just as much as it meant saving others. Shirou, upon hearing Rin's plan, finally knew what he meant. If he was to save Illya, a girl he had come in the last few months to care for more then anyone else, he would have to overcome the fear of losing her. This was not the same circumstance as parting from Saber, here and now he could do something. Even if it simply meant finding the strength to endure the pain of parting with Illya as she was now. Standing in silent contemplation for several minutes, Shirou finally resolved to do all he could to save someone he loved very dearly.

"Tohsaka, if this will save Illya from leaving this world, I am willing to do whatever it takes to see things through to the end." Being like this resolute, even in the face of overwhelming odds,  was what it meant to be a true hero. Shirou imagined.

"Very well then, I have one question for you, Emiya-kun. Do you have any preferences as to what type of body you'd like Illya-san to have? As her boyfriend I imagine you'll be the one who cares most about such an issue." And so, with a single question, Shirou's iron resolve was broken down and replaced with a sense of panic.

"W...wait, I'm just going out with Illya to make her feel better until we could find a way to help her. Now that we do I don't think I'll need to keep this up after she is ok again." Shirou's denial was half-hearted at best, allowing Rin many openings in which to pierce a thousand and one holes in his argument.

"Come on! You talk about Illya-chan in exactly the same way you did about Saber around the time you two went out on that date. Deny it all you want, your in love with her." For the second time in only a handful of minutes Shirou's mind reeled. "But if your going to keep saying other , I'll just base Illya's new body on the pictures of her mother I found tucked away in the some of the books I was reading through. Here, take a look." Rin then abandon Shirou for a moment to rifle through her bag for the picture in question. After a moment she produced a glossy, though faded, shot of a tall, snowy-haired women, with the same piercing red eyes Illya possessed. Her smile was dazzling and her body the perfect image of what Illya may have looked like if she had been given the chance to grow up like a normal girl.

"She's beautiful..." Shirou muttered while pouring over the picture with his eyes.

"I will take that as an yes then, Emiya-kun. I will speak to you again when I have everything together. Till then, please take care of your little girlfriend." Taking the picture back, Rin walked off with a joyful wave and a smile on her face. Convincing Shirou was the easy part of the plan, after all she knew he would never back down from helping a friend in need, the ritual, with all its magical issues, would test her mettle as a magus to it's limits.
Part 3: Ritual of Bonding
By Rin's estimate Illya likely had one week to live before her body would consume the last bit of mana left in her tiny frame and she would slide off the mortal coil and into whatever afterlife awaited creations of magecraft and sorcery. Shirou in turn did his best to make Illya's last week of life a good one, spending every moment he was not in school or at work with her. It was what he had promised to do, not only to himself, but to Illya and Rin as well. Illya, despite her actions during the Grail War, was a friend to everyone within the makeshift Emiya family and her death would sadden more people then then tiny homunculus could ever imagine.

And it was during that week that Shirou contemplated the other claims Rin had leveled against him the prior week, she had said quite clearly that she firmly believed Shirou was in love with the girl he had been pretending to date for the last few months, and, he thought, she was quite right. Shirou had always thought of Illya as a younger sister, someone he had to protect. Or at least, that was the state of his view of her up until a few weeks ago, in the present Shirou no longer knew what to think of the white-haired girl with whom he had spent day after day as of late. Though she was often crass and annoying, Shriou found Illya was charming in her own way. She was nothing like the servant who had stayed by his side for those fateful two weeks, but she still occupied a similar place in Shirou's heart. When he was with her Shirou was finally able to put aside the pain he had felt upon Saber's returning home, though no one could ever truly replaced the King of Knights, Illya had made it possible for Shirou, in small ways, to move on with his life. He did love her as more then a sister, though what that exactly meant would have to wait until Illya's life was no longer in a state of flux.

The fated day fell on a Saturday. Illya, nearly unable to move the night before, had personally requested to stay at Shirou's home. Taiga, even without knowing the truth of the situation, could tell Illya was needed her elder brother more now then ever and quickly led her to the home of the one most beloved to her. In her weakend state even speaking had become an issue for Illya, leading her to only being able to utter a few words before succumbing to the allure of slumber. And then, as bed time drew near on the Friday night and Illya lay sleeping in Shirou's room, Rin swiftly sneaked into the  Emiya manor with a strange object in tow and met Shirou at the buildings front gate.

"Tohsaka..." Shirou said with a yawn. "Did we really need to do this tonight? I'm barely awake as is."

"Time is not on our side, Illya will certainly be dead by morning and if we don't act now her spirit may pass on before we can coax it into this..." Rin made a grand gesture as she pointed out the manikin-like object sitting at her side. "This is body my magus friend made for us, she did a extremely good job with it. Though I had hoped she would concidering the ridicules sum of cash I paid her for it." The manikin was a carefully constructed portrait of Illya's mother though styled in such a way as to take in account the small differences between Illya and her dearly departed mother. Shirou merely nodded in return and helped his fellow magus carry the artificial body into his home. By then it was midnight and, as Rin could barely sense even with her grand knowledge of all things magical, the mana Illya had been leaking all this time had finally stopped flowing forth from her small body. There was little time, the window in which Illya's spirit could still be bound to a new body would soon pass, a fact that caused by magi to run, artificial body in hand, to complete the ritual as soon as possible. To save Illya in time, the pair tore through the Emiya manor as quickly as their feet would take them. Knocking over vases and cutting corners with all the speed of a marathon runner in their prime, so dire was the situation at hand as to require such haste.

Finally entering Shirou's sleep quarters, Shirou roiled in horror as he saw Illya's limp frame spread out across the bedroom floor. Neither moving nor breathing, Illya was nothing more then a empty husk while her spirit was set free to meet it's fate in the great beyond. "EMIYA!" Rin yelled at the top of her lungs while propping the pale frame of Illya's new body against  a nearby wall. "You try and talk to Illya while I prepare the body for transfer. Your the only one who can do this now!" And thus, without a word to his companion in this scheme, Shirou stood over Illya's unmoving form and shouted aloud his feelings. Despite the fact that he was speaking in no particular direction nor at anyone in kind. Shirou felt a warm presence embracing his very soul. It had to have been Illya, he thought, and as such his words feel upon formless ears.

"Illya, I had hoped it wouldn't come to this but even if your body is unable to move. I still don't think it's your time to go! Just think of all the things you haven't done yet, all the places you haven't seen! But, more then that, think of all the people who would miss you if you were to go now. Your everyone's beloved little sister, without you Taiga-nee's life would be so boring and breakfast just wouldn't be the same without you." As Shirou spoke Illya's essence held firmly to his heart, producing a warm sensation akin to that he felt as Illya had insisted on wrapping her tiny arms around his waist every night as they slept in this very room. Meanwhile, Rin did her best to prepare Illya's new form for the transference of soul. Carefully etching rune after rune onto the night hair and chanting line after line of an obscure rite she had only learned from text known only to a handful of magi, Rin had managed to complete her end of the plan. All that was left was for Shirou to coax Illya's errant spirit into her new body. It was entirely up to her if she wished to stay in the material world or move on, but it was Shirou's job to give her a gentle push towards the former. "And, I'd miss you more then anyone. These last few weeks we've spent together have been great and I hope we can have so much more time like those together in the future! When I was around you I forgot all of the troubles of the past and was able to look forward again. I guess what I'm trying to say is...." he paused, drawing in enough breath to convey such an important sentiment. "I love you and I don't know what I'd do if you were to go now. If you can't  stay for yourself, please, do it for me. I don't know what I'd do without you."

For a second, Shirou could no longer feel the warm of Illya's spirit around his heart. Fearing she had truly passed on, the magus of swords couldn't help but shed a torrent of silent tears for his seemingly lost friend. Then, a few moment's later, a noise could be heard from the dark corners of his room. It was the sound of someone trying to raise from a seated position, and failing miserably at it. He had imagined it was Rin, rising from her ritual work, but the gem magus had fallen unconscious after expending so much mana preparing the proper bindings for Illya's spirit to take home in her new body. And again, a sound emanated from that dark corner, this time that of someone standing and stumbling all at once. With Rin out, it could only be one person and mean only one thing...

Quickly dashing across to the offending corner of his room, only to see a the artifical body standing, though with quite some difficulty, on it's own. "Illya, is that you?" Shirou questioned while offering the newly mobile person his hand. And in return the nameless girl took his hand, though she did not speak a word, she didn't need to. Shirou knew all to the warm radiating from her frame, there was no one currently in this world who could make him feel this way... The ritual had done it's job, the stumbling girl before him was none other then his Illya. Though wrapped in artificial flesh constructed of mana and gods know what else, it was still Illya. And because it was lllya, Shriou gently spun her into a strong embrace, wrapping both his arms around her newly minted form and placing a longing kiss upon her ruby red lips. The cathartic release of weeks of worry and hopeless despair, the entwinement of forms last for several minutes, before both parties broke their dance out of exhaustion and sheer relief. Without warning, Illya finally spoke.

"I'm home, Shirou...."   Illya said smiling through her sparkling teeth. Despite her complete lack of energy her words were full of love.

"Welcome back, Illya." Shirou said in turn, gently lowering his beloved into her usual sleeping space. It had been the longest week of his life and all had turned out for the best. The future was shrouded in mystery, he imagined, but Illya's place in his heart was no not. He very well knew what he felt for the princess of Einzbern Castle. But, for now, those all he could think of was sleeping away the last bits of anguish brought on my such a eventful night. Laying beside Illya's reborn form, Shirou pulled a blanket over the both of them and planted one last kiss upon her cheek. "Good night...." were the only words he could manage before escaping into night's embrace without a care in the world. 
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Gavril, in addition to being a horrible zombie-girl, has a powerful scent of smell that is, according to Gavril herself, a million times more powerful then that of a normal human being. With this power she is able to discern many traits about a person just by smelling them. Among these traits are a persons physical condition, mood, and potential.


1. Can Gavril find anything out about your character via their scent?
2. What  general information Gavril would be able to find about your character via their scent?


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